Blocking the Vote

Blocking the Vote.


Blocking the Vote

To whom it may concern,

Why would being a Republican or Democrat matter in America? I really thought it was a free choice we had living in the United States. Sometimes voting brings one political party beneath the other, but does that mean that the two must not still work together for the better of the country? One day a half black and white candidate ran for the highest office in America and won. Now i know the other candidate should be upset, but does that mean he or she still doesn’t have a job to do for the country? Why would the constituents of the other candidate not respect the vote of the citizens and work  with the winning candidate for the better of the country? Why would someone(Republicans) fight so hard against the other candidate that won(Barak Obama) that make it seems that he wasn’t able to lead the country? I mean he is the boss of the country. What if the Republicans win the election, will they work for the people like they didn’t work for their boss? Didn’t Republican citizens vote their party into office? Well if their (Republican officials) not working for their boss(Barak Obama), are they really working for the citizens of the Republican party who if fact voted the Republican officials into office? I beg to differ. It’s amazing how someone(Republican officials) are trying in some states to make it hard for ordinary citizens of Free America to get their vote in. I mean what if and when you(Republican officials) do win office by tactics such as these do for ordinary citizens when you don’t even work for your own boss(Barak Obama) and also Republican citizens who voted for you(Republican officials) who in fact voted you(Republican officials) into office. Dumbfounded. Blocking the vote for ordinary citizens is cruel. I don’t know the plot whats going on behind closed doors, but it’s getting a bit scary for me and my family. We want to know what will happen to us if someone(Republican officials) cheat their way into office. With all this about abortion, taxing the poor, giving even more to the rich, not respecting the vote, and not working for their(Republican officials) boss(Barak Obama) or citizens of The United States is just scary. Then block votes so they(Republican party) could win an election. Wake up people! Know what’s going on in our country. Lets address these issues in the right manner. Get out and vote. Make your(citizens of America) vote count. Together we(citizens of America) stand stronger than a very few(Republican officials) bad apples. I want all people(American citizens) to be careful who you(American citizens) vote for. It should never amount to all the distrust in the world that they are doing about voting, It’s not a privilege , it’s a right to the people. Stop suppressing the vote. If you(Republican officials) don’t like the deciding vote, get out of office and also politics. It’s just that easy. Thank you for listening and God bless Israel and God bless America. May the world have freedom one day.

Fair game

To all those outstanding fans out there, how indeed we would love for it to be a fair game between mine and yours. Some how it seems that we can’t get a fair game anymore. i mean is it me or do referees take sides(gamble) or am i missing something. Who do referees have to answer to? Who’s their boss? Do they run wild all the time like that of those in the N.B.A.? Where is the committee that comes and should i say bar those(refs) who seems to have a favorite team in which sport the decide over? Seems to me no one on the team or the teams organization can say anything without getting fined. Who gives out those fines for criticizing the referees? Is it the commissioner? Well who’s he bidding on winning? Somethings funny in our, let me say it again somethings funny in our world of sports. Is it like wrestling, where they already no who’s going to win? Well no one told me about that part of my sport. Can one day We as a sport community have a fair game? I would hope so in the near future. I wouldn’t one day want to  see sports becoming a gambling situation on and off the court. May some one will read this and say to themselves, yeah i would love to see a fair game for a change. Hopefully in the near future we would have a special committee to over see those that are responsible for having a  Fair Game. God bless us all.